PHYSICS Reusable Artefacts Marketplace Platform

Why should you contribute? 

PHYSICS aims at enabling European Content Services Platform to enhance their offerings from baseline computing services to more advanced business and operational models such as the Function as a Service paradigm. PHYSICS has released a Reusable Artefacts Marketplace Platform (RAMP), in which internal and external entities (developers, researchers etc) are able to contribute fine-grained reusable artefacts and assets (functions, flows, controllers etc), for incorporating added value offerings of different types (controllers, optimizers, flow patterns, abstracted function nodes etc.).

The main aim of the RAMP is bringing contributors and buyers from the cloud computing environment around one central artefacts marketplace, to include standalone cross-platform artefacts and assets. Because of the large number of artefacts that we expect to make available, and the knowledge of the platform acquired during its development, companies delivering consulting services could provide clear, tangible solutions for the processes of their clients in the form of specific artefacts and integrate these artefacts in larger macro strategies. Even smaller companies can pursue a beneficiary approach through the commercialisation of proprietary features potentially on the RAMP, and additional consulting and training services. Other stakeholders could see in this platform the opportunity to increase their knowledge, know-how, and integration capacities. Companies or research entities can use the RAMP to improve existing products, or to integrate the outcomes in different programs.

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